Is It All Systems Go for the GoTab? Reviewing a Windows 10 Tablet!

This post is going to discuss the usability and accessibility of a Windows 10 tablet recently released by a company called My Go. In addition, I will also provide a physical description of the said tablet.
I would like to point out that I had no experience of using tablets running Windows prior to exploring the device in question. Also, in the interests of balance, I am a self-confessed advocate for Apple products such as the iPad and iPhone.
If you would like to learn whether or not a Windows tablet is usable by, and accessible to, someone who uses assistive technology such as a screen reader, you are invited to red on. As always, if you have any comments and/or questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch or leave a Comment at the end of this post.

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Microsoft Office for iOS, Windows and OneDrive… A Winning Combination for Students and Casual Users!

This post is going to discuss the Microsoft (MS) Office suite of programmes which are freely available on iOS; I will also briefly mention MS Office for Windows. I should point out, this post will only provide a broad overview of the MS Office offerings on iOS, and it will not provide an in-depth review of each programme. This is for two primary reasons:
1. Currently, I am only using MS Office in a casual sense, so I wouldn’t be familiar with long-term use experiences.
2. A much longer post would be required to cover MS Office in its entirety, and due to the previous statement I’m unable to write such a post.
Nevertheless, this post should provide you with a significant introduction to each programme, and you can investigate areas of particular interest to you further.
I should mention, MS Office is available on Mac, but I can’t vouch for its accessibility with VoiceOver (VO).
Even though I love iOS and Mac OS, I am primarily a Windows user when it comes to productivity. While I couldn’t take advantage of the iOS versions of Ms Office when I was in college/university, I honestly believe that using MS Office on iOS, Windows and OneDrive together is a winning combination for students and/or general users.

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