Useful Resources

I have mentioned below a list of online resources which I have found of benefit. The resources mentioned below are not exhaustive, and I will try to keep this page up to date with any new resources I discover.

Any of the following resources on their own may seem too specialised or limited to one area, but combining a number of the mentioned resources together will open up a broad range of information which may be of benefit to you.

iBlink Radio:
iBlink Radio is an iOS (iPhone, iPad,, and iPod Touch) application which offers a wide selection of information. One aspect I have found particularly interesting is Podcasts. This section lists many podcasts relating to visual impairments and blindness, assistive technology, and daily living in one easy to access area. The podcasts I listen to most are the NCBI Technology Podcast, the Applevis Podcast, and the AccessTalk podcast. Some podcasts are not updated regularly, but they still have valuable information.

Link to iBlink Radio in the App Store:

Basically, Applevis is your one stop shop for everything related to iOS and Mac accessibility. This site offers freely available guides for those beginning to, or thinking about starting to, use an iOS device or Mac. The Applevis site is very easy to navigate, and there are countless resources available, e.g. app directory, discussion forum, podcasts, etc.

Link to Applevis on the Internet:

Mailing Lists:
Mailing lists are essentially an email based discussion group. In nearly all cases, you need to first subscribe to a mailing list, and then you are free to join the discussion. People subscribed to the list are called list members, and discussion can be based on anything related to assistive technology. I have been part of lists where people have asked about problems with their iPhone or PC, accessible sporting equipment, and the accessibility of televisions. I have listed some of the mailing lists I have subscribed to below.

VIP Students –
VICS Ireland –
Access UK –

Access World:
Access World is an online magazine which discusses everything related to assistive technology for the visually impaired and blind community. There is a new edition released each month, and there is generally always something which is very interesting. Access World is based in the United States, so items present on this resource may be orientated to citizens of the US and quote pricing in dollars, but it is still very useful when keeping up with new developments and learning more about existing services.

Link to Access World on the Internet:

Link to Access World in the App Store:

The NCBI site is directly relevant to residents of Ireland, and offers many resources which people can benefit from. You can consult the website to learn more about the available services by clicking here. As previously mentioned, one of my favourite podcasts is the NCBI Technology Podcast, and this can be accessed on the NCBI site. Another section of the site I have personal experience with is the online shop. There is a broad range of products available, and if there is something you would like that is not present in the shop, you can contact the NCBI shop staff and they will be happy to source it for you if they can.

Link to NCBI on the Internet:

DigiPlace4All is a brand new resource that I only found out about recently. DigiPlace4all is an online peer support community sustained by Digital Inclusion Champions, helping people with disabilities build the digital literacy skills needed to transition to mainstream education and employment. It is an interactive space to share information about technologies and access support with digital skills.

Link to DigiPlace4All on the Internet:

NVDA is a free screen reader, and the initials NVDA stand for Non Visual Desktop Access. You can not only download NVDA from the NVDA site, you can join a community which discusses NVDA and its future development, and make contact with others to solve issues you may be experiencing.

Link to NVDA on the Internet:

FS Support:
The initials FS stand for Freedom Scientific, and this is the manufacturer of JAWS and WindowEyes. JAWS is a screen reader for machines running Microsoft Windows, and Magic is a magnification package which also runs on machines running Microsoft Windows. FS Support can provide technical assistance for its products, and I have communicated with the technical support team for JAWS via email, and they were very helpful.

Link to Freedom Scientific on the Internet:

Sight and Sound Technology:
Sight and Sound Technology are a company based in the United Kingdom that provides a broad range of assistive technology. I sourced my copy of JAWS, and my authorisation dongle from Sight and Sound. This company will also provide technical support for products purchased from them. Residents of Ireland should consult NCBI before making a purchase, as they may have additional advice and/or knowledge regarding the product you are interested in.

Link to Sight and Sound Technology on the Internet:

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