I Do What I Like… Attending The Corrs in Dublin’s 3 Arena, and Staying in The Gibson Hotel!

This post is primarily going to focus on a concert I recently attended, and an over-night stay in The Gibson Hotel in Dublin. At first, it may seem that the afore mentioned activity is completely unrelated to assistive technology and other areas of disability supports, but this is not so.
I used an array of technology, assistive and main-stream, before and during my stay, and I sourced other disability supports I required. If you would like to learn about how the mentioned technology and disability supports benefited me, you are invited to read on.

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Things I Think You Should Know About… Upcoming DigiPlace4All Events and Protesting in Dublin Regarding Disability Rights!

This is going to be a relatively short post in comparison to others. I would like to highlight two upcoming events organised by DigiPlace4All, and the current protests which are taking place in Dublin concerning Disability Rights and Supports.
I am posting about the afore mentioned topics as I feel they have not got enough publicity, and if I can contribute to their coverage in any small way, I will be more than happy to do so.

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