Newsflash… 2 DigiPlace4All Events and an iOS 9 Article!

In this post I would like to tell you about 2 pieces of DigiPlace4All news, and share an article with you which relates to the new features in iOS 9/9.0.1. The pieces of DigiPlace4All news comprise of an event which took place in Dublin on the 18th of September 2015, as mentioned in a previous post, and another smaller and more intimate event which took place yesterday in Galway (24th September 2015). The article I mentioned compares what actions/tasks are possible in the newest release of Apples version of iOS, and the previous release which was iOS 8.1.4. I hope you read on, and enjoy learning about some of the news regarding DigiPlace4All and the advancement of the iOS platform.

DigiPlace4All Event in Dublin:

The first DigiPlace4All event I would like to discuss took place in Dublin in The Marker Hotel, and I believe, this was the last large-scale community event concerning DigiPlace4All. I should say, I had to leave the event early due to public transport timetables, but I was present for the majority of the event.
For me, the highlights of the event consisted of the addresses given by Shauna Humphries (fellow Digital Inclusion Champion) and Marian Harkin (M.E.P and disability advocate). . While it was very interesting to hear how decisions made in the European Parliament can effect and benefit disabled members of Europe, I really enjoyed listening to Shauna’s experiences growing up as a visually impaired individual and her experiences with DigiPlace4All.
The other European partners of Digital Inclusion Champions of Europe (DICE) from Belgium, Bulgaria and Poland also made individual addresses at the event, and it was great to hear about DigiPlace4All’s origins and that the initiative is successful in other countries.

DigiPlace4All Event in Galway:

The second event I want to discuss took place in Galway yesterday (24th September 2015), and the said event was organised by Francis Kane of NCBI Galway and attended by both Support Agencies and Service Users. The service users comprised of individuals who interact with NCBI in one form or another, and the Support Agencies included a member from the Department of Social Protection and some Special Needs Assistants among others.
I should point out, it is thanks to Markus Böttner (another fellow Digital Inclusion Champion) that a member of the Department of Social Protection was present. It is very important that members of such departments become aware of initiatives such as DigiPlace4All, and realise the abilities of people who happen to also have a disability. Although I didn’t have an opportunity to interact with the member of the afore mentioned department that was in attendance, I could tell from her comments and contributions to the event, that she was very impressed by what she had witnessed.
I very much enjoyed the Galway event, and it was fantastic to meet some of the users of DigiPlace4All, Francis and Nicole of the NCBI and fellow Digital Inclusion Champion Markus Böttner.

Comparing iOS 9 to iOS 8:

I was informed of this article on 1 of the many mailing lists I am subscribed to, and while it does not focus on accessibility
specifically, I think it is useful to get a sense of the new features introduced in iOS 9. I often find it difficult to answer the question “So, what is different in iOS 9 compared to iOS 8?” whether I am asked or asking myself, but now I needn’t worry.
The said article presents a list of 23 actions/tasks you can do in iOS 9 which you could not do in iOS 8. For example, I was not aware that the e-mail attachment capability of iOS 9 has been expanded to include any file in iCloud Drive, Dropbox and/or Google Drive.
If you would like to learn more about the differences in iOS 9 and iOS 8, please visit this

Summing Up:

While the large-scale events regarding DigiPlace4All may have come to an end, I look forward to learning of smaller events taking place throughout Ireland. I am very interested to see how DigiPlace4All progresses in the future, and I am delighted to be a Digital Inclusion Champion of the initiative.
The article linked to above is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to information concerning iOS 9. If you would like to learn more accessibility specific iOS 9 details, I would recommend visiting AppleVis and reading the various posts relating to the said software release.

If you have any questions regarding DigiPlace4All and/or accessibility in iOS 9, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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