Things I Think You Should Know About… Upcoming DigiPlace4All Events and Protesting in Dublin Regarding Disability Rights!

This is going to be a relatively short post in comparison to others. I would like to highlight two upcoming events organised by DigiPlace4All, and the current protests which are taking place in Dublin concerning Disability Rights and Supports.
I am posting about the afore mentioned topics as I feel they have not got enough publicity, and if I can contribute to their coverage in any small way, I will be more than happy to do so.

Upcoming DigiPlace4All Events:

I have posted about DigiPlace4All before on a number of occasions, and there are two upcoming events I want to bring to your attention. The first is taking place in Dublin on the 18th of September 2015 (this Friday), and if you would like to attend the said event, you can find out more at this link.
The second event is taking place in Galway on the 24th of September 2015, and I am hoping to have more information about this event next week. If you would like to contact me to express your interest, I will be sure to send you the additional information when I receive it.
If I have not made it abundantly clear in previous posts, I think DigiPlace4All is a fantastic initiative, and if I was in need of digital skills training and/or support regarding education/employment, I would be delighted to interact with DigiPlace4All.

Protests in Dublin regarding Disability Rights and Supports:

I was informed of The AT Network indirectly via a mailing list I am subscribed to earlier this year, and I have been interested in the organisation ever since. Martin Naughton, a founding member of The AT Network, has been protesting outside Dail Eireann in Dublin since 10:00am on Tuesday, and the sit-out protest is lasting for 72 hours, i.e. 3 days and nights on the streets of Dublin.
While I firmly agree with everything Martin is protesting for, I think it is quite ridiculous that such a protest has to take place for change to come about. The cuts in funding for disability supports which have been conducted over the past number of years are unconscionable, and I sincerely hope that Martin can talk some sense into Enda Kenny and the rest of the Irish Government.
I am currently fortunate enough not to be in a situation like the one described in the below linked video and podcast, but as everyone is well aware, things can change at the drop of a hat. In my current circumstance, I am fighting to receive the additional supports I require to take up employment, and I can’t imagine having to fight for support to have assistance getting up in the morning, taking part in community events, or anything else an individual with a disability may want to do.

Irish Times Article with Video

RTE Radio 1 Morning Ireland Podcast

The Bottom Line:

As I have stated previously, I think DigiPlace4All is a worthwhile
initiative that you should explore, and there are two upcoming events which you may be interested in attending.
The current protests in Dublin organised by Martin of The AT Network and others, are very important and I sincerely hope there is a positive outcome.

I have previously posted the below song at the end of another post, but it was by a different artist at that time. The below song, Sing, is performed by My Chemical Romance.
Personally, I think that Sing highlights the need for individuals to stand up for what they believe in and their rights, and this is applicable to those with and without a disability.


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