Just a Short Update… It’s All Good News!

The focus of this post is going to differ significantly to others, and the length will also be noticeably shorter.
Both of the afore mentioned changes are evident as I would like to offer some upcoming happenings involving myself and assistive technology.
I should say, I can’t reveal the details of everything at this stage as some information is yet to be officially announced.
Nevertheless, I will give you a broad idea of what is going on.
So, without further ado, I’ll begin.

Interview with NCBI Technology Podcast:

I was invited to speak with Stuart Lawlor of the NCBI Technology Podcast regarding my previous post involving Microsoft Office for iOS.
It was great to have the opportunity to speak with Stuart on the Technology Podcast once again, and I hope the interview will be of benefit to many listeners.
At the end of August or early in September the podcast will be made available, and you can download it from the NCBI site at this link.
Aside from my small contribution, the Technology Podcast is a great listen, and I would strongly recommend that you listen and subscribe.

Blogging on Another Site:

Recently, another site put out a call for regular contributors and/or guest bloggers, and not thinking I was in with much of a chance I responded.
I was very surprised to be informed a few days later that this other site was interested in having me as part of a newly formed blogging team.
This is a fantastic opportunity which I am very grateful for, and I am very much looking forward to submitting my first piece for editorial approval.
I have not named the site in question as it has not been officially announced yet, and it would not be appropriate for me to do so ahead of the site in question.

Speaking at a DigiPlace4All Event:

DigiPlace4All are holding an event in Galway on the 24th of September, and I have been invited to speak at the said event.
The location of the event is yet to be announced, but I will be posting about DigiPlace4All again nearer to the date to publicise the event.
It is fantastic that events are being organised throughout the country to promote DigiPlace4All, as it is important to highlight the benefits the site can offer.
To learn more about DigiPlace4All, you can read my earlier post and/or visit the main site at this link.

If you would like any more information regarding NCBI, DigiPlace4All or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact me.
In all previous posts I haven’t mentioned that I am on Twitter.
If you wish, you can find me at @NiallJG91.

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