Commentary: Valedictorian beats blindness to thrive

This is a great example of what can be achieved when successfully incorporating assistive technology in an educational setting.

Sandy's View

Congratulations to all the recent graduates! The following article is about Taylor Adolph, a high school graduate who is believed to be the first ever blind valedictorian at his school. As a person who is blind, I believe that stories like these demonstrate two important things.

First, if a person with vision loss has the right resources and attitude, then they can accomplish as much as everyone else. Also, if blind or visually impaired students have high expectations from those around them, there is no excuse for them not to reach their full potential.

Another important point made by this story is that students who are blind or visually impaired are perfectly capable of studying alongside their sighted peers. Today’s technologies and countless resources have made this possible for many students throughout the country.

Stay tuned for Thursday’s post, where I will talk more about the different types of school…

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